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PVC Foam Board Production Line

PVC/WPC boards are available with various names like ‘Construction boards’, ‘Crust foam boards’, ‘Calcium boards’, ‘WPC shuttering boards’ ‘WPC MDF boards’, WPC Plates, PVC foam boards, WPC sheets, WPC panels, WPC formwork panels etc. in global markets. WPC boards can be produced with flexible density range varies from 500 kg/cum to 900 kg/cum.


It is made by PVC resin added with special additives and extruded at high temperature. It has the sense of wood, but it is harder and smoother, waterproof, UV-resist and anti-corrosion. It can completely replace wood, plywood, poly-board, shaving board and MDF.

No. Name of Equipments
1 SJSZ80/173 Conical Twin-screw extruder
2 Mould
3 Calibrating Platform
4 Cooling Bracket with edge cutter
5 Hauling Off Machine
6 Oil temperature controller
7 Edge Cutting Machine with dust collection
8 Across Cutting Machine
9 Auto-Stacker


Application scenarios:

PVC foam board is widely used in many fields: construction shuttering, building and upholstering, furniture, especially for the cabinet in kitchen & bathroom, advertising, traffic and transit, industry, etc.


  • PVC Foam Board Production Line
  • PVC Foam Board Production Line
  • PVC Foam Board Production Line