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PVC Artificial Marble Sheet Production Line

SJSZ80/156 or 92/188 twin screw extruder–Mould–3-roller calender (include lamination and hot stamping part)–Cooling bracket–Haul off unit–Cutting unit–Automatic stacker


Green environmental protection: the production of PVC artifical marble sheet of the main raw material is a natural stone powder (calcium carbonate), in the modern era, is a pursuit of the sustainable development of new materials, new energy emerge in endlessly, this to protect our earth’s natural resources and ecological environment has great significance.

PVC marble sheet machine line equipment List
1 SJSZ-80/156 or 92/188 twin screw extrusion machine with auto feeder

PLC interface touch screen

2 Mould  (1320mm)
3 Three-roller calendar
4 Temperature controller
5 Film lamination device
6 Cooling bracket
7 Haul off machine
8 Cutting machine
9 Auto Stacker


Application scenarios:

UV highlights decorating plate, microlite board, UV board, stone plastic decorative panel, PVC marble floor panel ,PVC imitation marble decorative board and decorative plate of carve patterns designs. Can make different styles and different classes plastic imitation marble decorative board according to different customer needs.

  • PVC Artificial Marble Sheet Production Line
  • PVC Artificial Marble Sheet Production Line
  • PVC Artificial Marble Sheet Production Line