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LVT Flooring Production Line

This machine is one of the most important production process for producing LVT flooring. The extruder converts the mixed raw materials into the SPC core layer by the double-cone screw and die, and laminating the wear-resistant layer and decor film on the core layer with emboss roller, and finally form the large board of the LVT floor.

LVT floor letters mean Luxury Vinyl Tile, literally translated as a high-grade vinyl floor tile, LVT is a stone-plastic floor.

  1. Selecting the superior quality of raw material.
  2. A wide range of applications.
  3. Simple and practical design, easy to install.
  4. Offering an affordable price but excellent quality.
  5. Various choices of color and size.
  6. High performance in waterproof, anti-slip, fire resistance and wear resistance.



LVT flooring machine line consist of
No Item name Content
1 Conical twin screw extruder SJSZ92/188 or SJSZ80/156
2 Mold(T-Die) 1050mm
3 Calender 4 rollers
4 Water cooling bracket
5 Haul-off machine
6 Cutter
7 Automatic stacker
8 Electrical control ABB inverter
Siemens motorSiemens contactorSiemens touch screen
Auxiliary machines
1 Mixer SRL_Z500/1000
2 Crusher SWP680
3 Grinder SMP600
4 UV coating machine
5 Punching machine
6 Adhesive machine


Application scenarios:

LVT floor can used in Apartment, hotel, school, hospital, office, shopping mall. ect

  • LVT Flooring Production Line
  • LVT Flooring Production Line
  • LVT Flooring Production Line