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SPC Flooring Production Line

SPC floor is a new environmentally friendly floor developed based on high technology.  It is very popular in developed countries in Europe and America and in the Asia Pacific market. With its excellent stability and durability, the stone-plastic floor not only solves the problem of moisture deformation and mildew of the solid wood floor, but also solves the formaldehyde problem of other decoration materials.




SPC floor has zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fireproof, insect proof and simple installation.

SPC Foor Manufacturing Process:
Step 1:Material mixing:
Put the material into mixing machine. Hot mixing then cool mixing.
Step 2:Extruding
Put the material into Conical or parallel twin screw extruder. Heating and extruding→die→4 or 5 roller calender→Film laminating→wearing layer laminating→cooling→cutting→auto-stacker. All these procedures are automatically finished in the extrusion line.
Step 3:UV
UV coating
Step 4:Cutting, lock making and packing
Cutting→locking making→inspecting→packing

No Model number SJSZ110/220 SJSZ115/230 SJSP136
1 Double screw type Conical Conical Parallel
2 Extruder motor 185KW 200KW 160KW
3 Total power 350KW 380KW 300KW
4 Rollers of Calender Five rollers Five rollers Five rollers
5 Capacity 1000-1300kg/h 1600-1900kg/h 1700-2100kg/h
6 ㎡/24h

(4mm thick floor as example)

about 3000-3500 about 4500-5500


about 5000-6000



Application scenarios:

SPC floor has a wide range of color patterns to choose from, suitable for indoor home improvement, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places.

  • SPC Flooring Production Line
  • SPC Flooring Production Line
  • SPC Flooring Production Line