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PE Based WPC Profile Production Line

This extruder machine is suitable to produce the PP, PE, PVC + wood composite products, the WPC products are strong and durable, both have the advantages of plastic and wood products, at the same time, they overcomes the shortages of plastic products that is easily got deformed, and the wood products can easily get corrosion, damaged by worms, short service life, etc.


1.Using special designed screw and barrel for extruder.

2.Extruder stand-alone or two mixed directly extrusion,second extrusion after granules, save power and space.

3.With high yield,stable extrusion pressure.

4.Screw design shear force is small,easy to cut teh wood fiber material.

5.Screw and barrel using inlay and spray corrosion alloy, greatly extend the service life.

No Machine
1 Material mixing
2 PE WPC granule production line
3 PE WPC profile production line
4 Sanding/brushing/embossing surface treatment
5 Finished product
6 Crusher
Application scenarios:

PE WPC decking (flooring), railing, fencing, wall siding, pallet, partition board, etc.

  • PE Based WPC Profile Production Line
  • PE Based WPC Profile Production Line
  • PE Based WPC Profile Production Line