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PP PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line

Hollow sheet extrusion production line is suitable for the production of hollow plates of various specifications, special screw structure, control of technical parameters, stable setting equipment and precise temperature control system. The electronic control equipment effectively optimizes the whole line operation and achieves high quality and high output.


Through 「Corona Treater」, using high-voltage and high-frequency waves, the electric shock molecules are ejected from the air nozzle, and the molecular structure is destroyed by the electric shock and penetration into the surface of the printed body, so that the surface of the printed body increases the adhesion ability, and can be coated or printing.
The feature of PP hollow profile has non-toxic, 100% recycled, light weight, low temperature resistance, waterproof and moisture proof, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, energy absorption, noise blocking effect.

Item Description
Control Touch panel, Automatic control system
Feeding Continuous Auto Weighing System, Gravimetric blending control system,
Master-Batch doser, Dehumidifying dryer
Material Virgin PC / PC+UV PP
Extruder Ø100、Ø120 Ø150、Ø180
Line Speed 2-6 m/min 2-18 m/min
Thickness 4.0-20.0mm 2.5-20.0mm
Area Weight 950-2600g/m2 1100-3000g/m2
Sheet Width 1000-2400mm 1000-3000mm
Output 400kg/h 800kg/h
Note Customized is available for high capacity
Application scenarios:

Widely used in architecture for light partitions, building material protection boards, and packaging for aquatic vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, turnover boxes, etc.
In addition, PP hollow sheet are colorful, printable, and processable that are also widely used in stationery, Card supplies, etc.

  • PP PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line
  • PP PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line
  • PP PC Hollow Grid Sheet Production Line