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WPC Fluted panel production line
The production line adopts automatic control, high degree of automation, stable equipment, easy operation and high production efficiency. Through the replacement of different specifications of the mold can produce a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness of PVC ans PVC WPC profile.

PVC/WPC wal panel,Low carbon and environmental protection,heat preservation and heat insulation, anti-corrosion and durable,moisture proof,easy to clean,fashion and elegance,saving time and labor,super sound insulation performance,etc.

No Name Quantity
1 Automatic Feeding Machine 1 set
2 SJSZ series Conical twin-screw Extruder 1 set
3 Mould custom
4 Vacuum Calibrating Table 1 set
5 Haul-off Machine 1 set
6 Cutting Machine 1 set
7 Auto-stacker 1 set
Application scenarios:

PVC/WPC wall is easy and quick to install, can be sawed, cut, nailed, etc., and is cheaper than solid wood.  It is very popular in homes, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals and other places.

  • WPC Fluted panel production line
  • WPC Fluted panel production line
  • WPC Fluted panel production line