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Water Supply HDPE Pipe PPR Pipe Machine


1.High efficiency single screw extruder.

2.It can produce hdpe water pipe/gas pipes/PPR pipe and others.

3.The pipe diameter range:20-630mm or customes request.



This machine is primarily used in the manufacturing of PE pipes/PPR pipes with diameters ranging from 20mm to 630mm. The various thickness of the pipes produced can make them suitable for applications range from urban water supply to gas transportation. This line also excels in the production of anti-flammable and anti-static electricity pipes using a two or three layer spiral mould for use in mining industries. Pipes produced feature even wall-thickness and perfect roundness. Through switching or adding certain part of machine unit, this line can also be customized to extrude pipes of various other kinds.


Process Flow

Raw material → Mixing → Vacuum Feeder →Plastic Hopper Drier→ Single Screw Extruder → Mould → Vacuum Calibration Tank → Spray Cooling Water Tank → Haul-off → No Dust Cutter →Stacker → Final Product Inspecting &Packing

Main Technical Parameters

Item Pipe diameter (mm) Extruder Motor power (kw) Capacity (kg/h) L/D
SJ63 20-63 SJ65 37 80-150 33:1
SJ110 20-110 SJ65 55 100-200 33:1
SJ160 50-160 SJ75 75 150-250 33:1
SJ250 50-250 SJ75 110 400-500 33:1
SJ315 110-315 SJ90 160 280-400 33:1
SJ450 200-450 SJ90 160 600-800 38:1
SJ630 315-630 SJ120 250 800-1000 38:1
Application scenarios:
  • Water Supply HDPE Pipe PPR Pipe Machine
  • Water Supply HDPE Pipe PPR Pipe Machine
  • Water Supply HDPE Pipe PPR Pipe Machine