POE Mattress Cushion and Pillow Production Line

What is POE?
The polymer mattressl is made of POE as raw material. With the advanced technology, each filament is made into a hollow three-dimensional structure, and air-weaving technology is used for molding. The raw material is graded pure imported medical grade, which can directly contact with food (Passed TUV food grade inspection). This is an environmentally friendly and hygienic polymer material. It has the property of water permeability, adhesion, high elasticity, antibacterial, environmental protection, adhesion, durability, which other materials do not possess.

POE Features
1. Moisture absorption and breathable
2. Comfirtable and spine protection
3. Mite-proofing and antimicrobial
4. Environmental
5. Sound off all night

POE Application

Pillow Core, Mattress core, Back cushion core, Throw pillow core.

This production line uses a high-quality single-screw extruder as the main machine, adopts a PLC control system, is equipped with a hydraulic automatic screen changing system, a right-angle spinneret die, is cooled by the water tank, and is assembled with a chiller. The traction production speed is 0.2-1m/min. The cutting machine is equipped with a cooling fan to ensure that the product will not be deformed due to the high cutting temperature.

Working Process

SJ Single screw extrusion machine–Screen changer and Spinneret plate–mould–Forming water tank–Dehydration Device–Traction machine–Cutting machine–Stacker